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DIMO Autopi

Why Is My Device In Pending?

To know why your device is in "Pending" click here.

Do I Need To Connect To Bluetooth Each Time?

You only need to connect via bluetooth only once during pairing.

What Do The Lights Mean?

Want to learn about what your device's lights mean? Click here.

Do I Need My Phone On The Whole Time?

You don't have to keep your mobile phone open and connected to earn $DIMO. The DIMO miner works on it's own to share and upload data.

Bluetooth PIN Request On Android

For users prompted to enter a PIN when pairing on Android, click here.

Bluetooth Pairing Guide

Having issues with pairing via bluetooth? Click here.

Is It Always Powered On?

Nope, the device will enter a low powered state when it goes to sleep.

Will It Drain My Car Battery?

The device goes into a low-power sleep mode shortly after you stop driving.

Can I Use It To Turn My Car On?

Turning your car on is not currently supported.

Reading Error Codes

For users who have a vehicle with Error Codes on the Dash, specifically the check engine light, click here.

DIMO Smart Hub Tech Specs

For the DIMO Smart Hub's technical specification, click her.