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DIMO Macaron

How often does the Macaron send data when connected to the Helium Network?

The DIMO Macaron will send data every 30 seconds while your vehicle is on and within range of the Helium Network (you can check your local coverage here). Some data can be bundled as well: we can also add multiple Lat/Long points into a single ping s

What data will I see in the Mobile App with DIMO Macaron?

The DIMO Mobile app displays the following data from hardware devices:. These data points are dependent on the device being able to read those data points from the individual car. Since cars are so unique, what data a vehicle provides can be differen

What are DIMO Rewards and how do they work with the DIMO Macaron?

DIMO Rewards are like an airline mile for your car. There are two ways you can earn DIMO Rewards:. Baseline Rewards are issued on a points system that every driver participates in. The Macaron generates 2000 points per week, this is 1/3 the points ge

What is the cost of the device?

The Macaron will cost $99 with 3 years of Helium connectivity included.

How big is the Macaron?

The macaron is around 1/3 of the size of the DIMO autopi. Macaron Dimensions4.75" L x 4.75" W x 1.375" H. 12.065 cm L x 12.065

Can we connect a DIMO Macaron and the DIMO AutoPi at the same time?

No, You can only connect 1 hardware device per VIN. However, you may still connect an OEM connection alongside the hardware. An OEM connection is a connection to DIMO through your carmaker's app, like the Tesla app or FordPass. Not all vehicles are c

Will you support cars older than 2008 with the DIMO Macaron?

The DIMO Macaron is compatible with vehicles from 2008 and newer, just like the DIMO AutoPi. We continue to work on making older vehicles compatible.

How do I install the DIMO Macaron?

Connecting your DIMO Macaron is easy and should take 5-10 minutes. You can probably just follow the flow in the DIMO Mobile app, but if you would like detailed instructions, they are listed here. Our support team is always available to help and can e

How will I know if the DIMO Macaron is sending data?

In the DIMO Mobile App on your vehicle screen, go to the car keys in the top right corner. Select "Connections" from the menu. You should see the DIMO Device section. On the left will be a green "wifi" icon and in the text will be a time when data wa

Do I have to have my phone in the car with me to use the DIMO Macaron?

For normal operations, you do not need your phone to be with you. That's part of the fun of having a remote IoT device for the vehicle!. The only time you will need your phone is when you install the device. You will connect to the device over Blueto

What happens if I am outside of Helium network coverage?

If the DIMO Macaron is outside of the Helium network coverage, the device is designed to store 200+ hours of data logged every 5 seconds. Once the device reconnects to the Helium network, the data will be uploaded and sent to your DIMO mobile app.

Does the device come with an extension cable?

The DIMO Macaron does not come bundled with an extension cable. If you find that you need more length to install your new device, you may purchase a cable here.

What happens if we are in an area that does not have helium lorawan?

The Macaron device connects to the Lorawan network generated by Helium hotspots; you can view the Helium Explorer if you live within an area of Lorawan coverage. If there is no Lorwarn Coverage in your area, you may need to purchase a helium hotspot

What is the Helium network?

The Helium Network is a decentralized wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network using the LoRaWAN system, tied to the cryptocurrency Helium Network Token (symbol HNT).Nodes on the network are generally owned and placed by individuals in their homes o

Power Consumption and Sleep Modes of the DIMO Macaron

The DIMO Macaron is optimized to collect as much data as possible and use as little power as possible. It has four operational modes:. NOTE: During pairing, the BLE (Bluetooth) connection extends Deep Sleep to 15 minutes to prevent the device going t

Macaron Lights

This device comes with two LED indicators labeled that can cycle between different colors. • Blue blinking - This indicates that you are not connected to bluetooth. This light will continuously blink as you drive. • Solid Blue - This means your devic

What does the DIMO Macaron Button Do?

The button's sole purpose right now is to make the device available for bluetooth on secondary phones. The only reason to press the button is if you need to connect a new phone to the DIMO Macaron via Bluetooth. There really is no practical reason fo