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Can I Change The Wallet I Have Linked To DIMO?Updated 5 months ago

Follow these steps to change your wallet and keep your assets.

  1. Create a New Wallet Address: You will want to create a new wallet address either on Rainbow or MetaMask. 
  2. Transfer your assets: You can transfer your device and vehicle to the new wallet by following the instructions provided in DIMO Buddy   
  3. Update the wallet in your DIMO account: After transferring your Device and Vehicle NFTs over to your new wallet, you will want to go to the account tab and select "update wallet," then add the new wallet you created from step 2 and your vehicles should appear again in your account.
  4. IN-APP Wallet accounts only: You will NOT be able to hit the update wallet button in your mobile app; you will need to make a brand new DIMO account using any email when you want. After getting to the select your wallet screen, please select "external wallet" and select the one to which you transferred your assets too. Once the account has been created, you can view your vehicles. 


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