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Connect to wifiUpdated 17 days ago

Step 1: Get the AutoPi On.
Look for the WIFI name AutoPi
Your car must be turned on and AutoPi’s Blue light must be solid. The green light will be blinking. You do not need to wait for a solid green light — this is what we’re trying to fix. When the blue light is solid, go to the wifi settings on your phone and find the wifi network starting with "AutoPi-"

Step 2: Connect to the AutoPi’s Wifi
Enter in the password
Select that network and use the password that was provided over email. It might say “Network has no internet connection, do you still want to connect?” Click yes to continue. *Your device might tell you that the password is incorrect. Try again and if it stills says not correct than please reboot the device and putting in the password again. 

Step 3: Patch into the AutoPi
Login locally
Open your internet browser and type in the URL to connect directly to the AutoPi. You should see a splash screen and can hit “Login”

Step 4: Click the "WiFi" tab
Select "WiFi"
Click on the WiFi tab
The WiFi icon will start as grey but, this will turn green after a successful connection.

Step 5: Find your Network
Connect to your Network
Locate the Networks drop down. This list should show you the local WiFi networks, and you should find the name of your WiFi and press the add button. 
If your SSID does not appear at first hit the refresh button.

Step 6. Connect
Enter the Password
Enter the password for your WiFi and select the save and apply button. Your AutoPi will apply the changes.

Step 7. Verification
All green?
After your device has successfully saved the settings you should see a green banner. Your device should now reboot and in the process it will disconnect you from the device. 
The LED on your device should become solid green.

Step 8. Updating Your device

Your device will update automatically the next time you shut off of your vehicle. It will rapidly flash green during the update process. This can take up to 10-15 minutes. You can turn off your vehicle and do something else during this time. That should be it! Bugs and issues are behind you. Happy driving on DIMO. 

At the end of the process, you should make sure to open your phone's WiFi settings and forget the AutoPi's WiFi network to avoid your phone connecting to it in the future.

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