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How Can the Device Help Manage My FleetUpdated 9 days ago

DIMO introduces a connected vehicle platform, offering users the ability to link their vehicles through software or a hardware device. This connection grants insights into a variety of vehicle performance aspects. The platform proves particularly advantageous for fleet and business proprietors.

By providing real-time data on fleet performance, including fuel usage and engine efficiency, the platform empowers fleet managers to enhance routing, curtail fuel expenditures, and boost overall productivity. Furthermore, the platform's advanced diagnostic capabilities aid in the early detection of potential fleet vehicle issues, averting substantial downtime expenses.

DIMO encompasses a comprehensive range of features for various car brands, such as Teslas, VW, Dodge, Jeep, and Fords, within a unified interface.

Benefits of Using DIMO

  • Discounts for Bulk Orders: Special pricing for bulk orders.
  • DIMO Partners: Gain access to an array of services, including technical support, refinancing, insurance, and on-site repairs. 
  • Real-time insights: Monitor fleet performance, including location tracking, fuel levels, and more.

Discounts on DIMO Device Fleet Purchases

Exclusive fleet pricing is on offer. You can explore the details here: Bulk Pricing - DIMO Ecosystem.

Scan Your Vehicles for Errors with a DIMO Smart Hub

DIMO's error code analysis feature integrates with partners in the DIMO Marketplace to create seamless repair experiences while earning DIMO Rewards in the process.

Click here to learn how you can scan your vehicles for errors: DIMO | How to scan your car's error codes with DIMO Mobile.

DIMO Partners and Rewards

The DIMO app marketplace allows access to connected vehicle data that app developers can harness to create applications offering predictive insights, diagnostics, and real-time vehicle performance monitoring.  

Take a look at our partners: Ecosystem Partners and Rewards

Third-Party Developers

DIMO operates as an open-source platform, allowing any enterprise to access its code or datasets for the development of novel services or integration with existing ones. This adaptable approach facilitates businesses in capitalizing on DIMO's robust vehicle insights to enhance their service offerings.

By granting app developers access to this data, DIMO facilitates the inception of an extensive array of pioneering solutions that support individuals and fleet proprietors in optimizing operations, minimizing expenses, and augmenting overall efficiency.

Through this approach, DIMO aspires to facilitate the emergence of inventive solutions geared toward optimizing operations and trimming expenses for both individuals and fleet proprietors.


DIMO stands as an influential instrument for fleet and business proprietors, providing real-time insights and advanced diagnostics to optimize fleet performance, curtail costs, and enhance efficiency.

The platform's customizable reports and open-source connectivity additionally empower data-centric decision-making, establishing it as an indispensable asset for enterprises dependent on vehicle fleets or system integrations.

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