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Power Consumption and Sleep Modes of the DIMO MacaronUpdated 6 months ago

The DIMO Macaron is optimized to collect as much data as possible and use as little power as possible. It has four operational modes:

ModeTriggerPower ConsumptionLight IndicatorsOperations
ActiveVehicle Movement~ 25mADuring normal driving you should see a flashing blue light and a solid green light. 

The Blue LED will only be solid when your phone is connected via bluetooth to the device, which is not required during driving.

Green indicates you have a GPS connection. Red instead of green means no GPS.
Queries PIDs (vehicle data) and non CAN bus data (GPS, Battery Voltage etc.) and sends every 30s if in range of a Helium Hotspot.
Light Sleep~20s without movement~25mAYou will see the same light indicators as Active.Similar to the Active State, but PID queries stop. Will send GPS, Battery Voltage, and other data not from the CAN Bus every 30s if in range of a Helium Hotspot.
Deep Sleep~2 minutes without movement~4mANo lights will be visible and the device.
The device will send an update of non-CAN Bus data every hour. 
Shut DownLow Voltage threshold (11.97V) for at least 5 minutes.micro ampsNo lights will be visible and the device needs to be unplugged and plugged back in to activate a restart.
The device completely shuts down and sends no data. 

NOTE: During pairing, the BLE (Bluetooth) connection extends Deep Sleep to 15 minutes to prevent the device going to sleep during onboarding. 

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