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Reading Error CodesUpdated 22 days ago

This guide is for users who have a vehicle with Error Codes on the Dash, specifically the check engine light.

Notice: this feature is only available for cars connected via DIMO hardware device. Based on bluetooth limitations, AutoPi 5.2 devices cannot use this feature. Email support ([email protected]) if you have a AutoPi 5.2 to upgrade your device.

Reading error codes does not work on vehicle shared with you. You must be the owner of the Vehicle ID (in your wallet) in order to read error codes using a DIMO hardware device.

Checklist to get started

  • Get in your vehicle's driver seat
  • Have your phone with DIMO Mobile ready
  • Turn on bluetooth on your mobile device
  • Make sure your DIMO hardware device is plugged in
  • Start with your engine off

Step 1 - Set up

  • Open DIMO Mobile on your phone
  • Ensure you have the correct vehicle selected. If you need to switch vehicles, click the hamburger menu on the top left of your screen.
  • Scroll down and select the error codes tile. The tile is among your vehicle signals.

If you have never used this feature before, you will have no historical scans.

Step 2 - Starting the engine & enabling accessory mode

  • With your engine off, tap to start a scan
  • Start your engine when the app prompts you
  • Bring your car into accessory mode when the app prompts you. Accessory mode can be reached by turning your keys backwards one click from your engine being on. If you have a push to start car, push the button to turn the engine off without opening any doors.

Do not drive your vehicle while attempting to read your error codes.

Step 3 - Establishing a bluetooth connection

  • Your phone will ask you to enable bluetooth. Please do so, as the hardware device will communicate the data back to you through this connection.
  • Watch the screen for an additional bluetooth prompt. After about 30 seconds, the prompt will present itself. Please click connect when you see this.
  • After enabling the bluetooth connection both times listed above, your scan will commence. The full scan may take around 3 minutes.

If a bluetooth connection is unable to be established, please restart this guide from Step 2, including turning your vehicle's engine completely off. The AutoPi hardware device has a short bluetooth bonding time in order to not drain the cars battery. Turning your car off and back on again will wake up the AutoPi.

Step 4 - Making sense of your codes

  • After a scan of error codes, feel free to explore what codes were read and what they mean
  • If applicable, try using a marketplace partner to fix your issue
  • If you wish to see previous scans, you will be able to go back and look at historical scans. Utilize this when your mechanic asks for previous issues with your vehicle.
  • If you are interested in clearing your error codes, go ahead and click "clear codes."

Clearing your error codes from the dashboard will only last during your current drive. When your vehicle turns off and on again, your vehicle's computer will reset and throw the codes again.

Pro tip: If you're a Vehicle Genius subscriber you can simply text your Error Codes to a Genius and they'll find you the right fix at the best price.

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