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Retrieving Your Wallet Public AddressUpdated 9 days ago

The public address for your wallet is safe to share. All that someone can do with a public address is view past on-chain activity and send tokens to it. You may want to share your public address with others so that they can: share their vehicle data with you; send you tokens; or (if it's the DIMO support team) help you troubleshoot a given issue.

Unlike the private key or seed phrase, other people cannot gain access to your tokens or other assets with your public address. They also cannot view your vehicle's location or other private information about it with just the public address.

To share your public address with someone else, navigate to your account page and tap the QR icon in the top right. From there you can share a QR code, tap your address to copy it to your clipboard, or tap share to send it to someone.

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