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What will the process of these services look like for a fleet owner/managerUpdated 10 months ago

What will the process of these services look like for a fleet owner/manager 

  • First determine what services you would like to receive from DIMO

    • VIN Registration: DIMO CS Manually enters the vehicle VIN prior to installation. 

    • Pre-Pairing Host/Patron - Allows the primary user to own the device and the tokens (Patron) and another to have access to the vehicle data generated by the device with no access to rewards (Host).

    • Both - You can request both of the above services. 

  • Once service is determined, the customer can email [email protected] or the sales team member you are already in contact with.

  • Once the request is made through the sales team, customers will be expected to share information needed based on the service selected.

    • VIN Registration: email address, wallet address, list of VINs, order #.

    • Host/Patron: email address, wallet address, order #

    • Both: email addresses, wallets address, VINs, and order#

  • The Customer Success team will take your submitted information and perform the requested service. Once complete, we will reach out to you via email to confirm services were performed successfully. 

  • The final step will be to install the pre-configured devices once received. 

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