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Beta Testing Quick Start Guide (iOS)Updated 2 months ago

Get started testing with iOS

Learn how to sign up and leave feedback on the app's beta!

Sign up for Beta Testing

1. Download "TestFlight" from the App Store

The TestFlight app gives you early access to the Beta version of the DIMO Mobile app

2. Install DIMO Mobile's Beta Version 

Install or update DIMO Mobile via TestFlight. If you do not see DIMO Mobile in your TestFlight app, click the TestFlight link shared through our email announcements.

Note: The Beta app is still a LIVE version of the app!

Check version and build number compared to the Beta test communications to make sure you're on the right one. You can see this by scrolling to the bottom of the Account tab.

Submitting Feedback

We want to hear your thoughts on the beta, including any issues you may run into. Sharing your feedback is easy! 

There are 2 easy ways share your feedback: 
1) Take a screenshot while you're using the Beta app to leave a comment with your screenshot, or 
2) Open up "TestFlight" and select "Send Beta Feedback"

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