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Claiming A Referral BonusUpdated 2 months ago

Important note: Referrals are temporarily paused and disabled until further notice. We are working on improving and making some improvements and upgrades to the referral system.

You and your friend will both earn an extra 50 $DIMO, if you correctly apply their referral code. 

You will need to make sure that you enter in your friend's referral code in your DIMO mobile app, before pairing any devices and getting connected. 

If you have already connected your devices before entering in a referral code, you are unable to claim any referrals bonuses. 

Users must reach level 2 before they can earn the bonus.

Follow the instructions below to correctly claim your referral bonus.

Step 1: Go to the Vehicle tab on your DIMO mobile app.

Step 2: Tap "Have a referral code?"

Step 3: Enter in your friend's referral code.

Step 4: Claim your referral bonus by connecting your first car.

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