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Ecosystem Partners and RewardsUpdated 10 months ago

What are partner rewards?

Our ecosystem partners provide you with more ways to earn $DIMO tokens. Go to the 'Marketplace' tab in your DIMO mobile app to get involved and learn more about what we have available.

When are partner rewards distributed?

Marketplace rewards are paid out around the 15th of the following month. If you participated with one of our partners in January, you would receive your $DIMO tokens on the 15th of February. If you participated in February, then you would receive your tokens on the 15th of March, etc.

This is due to the time it takes to receive transaction reports from partners. We are working on improving this cadence with all of them.

Who are the current partners?

Here is a list of our current partners, please check the Marketplace tab in your DIMO mobile app for the most up-to-date list.

The Carbon Offset Company: Aligning cars with the planet. Earns 5% back in $DIMO.

  • Bluedot: Access 1000s of EV Chargers. Earns $25 in $DIMO.
  • Tenet: Save $100s on EV Loans. Earns $400 in $DIMO.
  • LeaseEnd: Maximize your leased car. Earns $400 in $DIMO.
  • Caribou: Save $100+/mo on car payments. Earns $250 in $DIMO.
  • Goodyear: DIMO users save 15% on all Goodyear tires and earn 5% back in DIMO rewards.
  • VehicleGenius: Put car ownership on autopilot. Earns 3.5% in $DIMO on vehicle expenses.
  • Lectrium: Home EV charging - simplified. Earns $150 in $DIMO.
  • YourMechanic: At-Home vehicle maintenance. Earns $20 in $DIMO.
  • Caramel: The best way to sell a car privately. Earns $150 in $DIMO.
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