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Where Can I Find My Car’s OBD2 Port?

For help with identifying where your OBD2 port is, click here.

Will The Device Cause Any Issues For My Car? Is It Safe?

DIMO-approved 3rd party hardware devices are currently passive listeners only. Click here for more details.

Will It Drain My Car Battery?

The device goes into a low-power sleep mode shortly after you stop driving.

Can I Use It To Turn My Car On?

Turning your car on is not currently supported.

What Vehicles Are Supported?

We currently support all vehicles that are model year 2008. For more details click here.

How Are You Going To Get CAN Codes?

DIMO is an open source supporter and contributor. For more details click here.

High Severity Issues

These are issues which may affect the functionality of the vehicle, or may affect the vehicle's normal operation.