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By Connecting To DIMO What Kind Of Data Am I Providing From My Vehicle?

For more information on what kind of data DIMO collects, click here.

How To Set a Privacy Zone

For information on how to set privacy zones, click here.

If I Opt-In To Share Data With A Partner, Where Does That Data Go?

For information on where your data goes, click here.

Can You Show Me The Data You’re Collecting?

For more information about your activity log, click here.

How Are You Storing My Information?

For information on how your data is securely stored, click here.

Can I Delete My Data At Any Time?

For information on how to have your data deleted, click here.

Who Will DIMO Sell Data To?

For information on who DIMO sells data to, click here.

Am I Providing Access To Any Cameras In The Car?

No! We can’t access any forward facing or rear-view cameras, and the APIs or hardware that is a part of DIMO today does not pass this data.

How Do You Validate the Data?

As a user, you will sign the data with your wallet and DIMO will validate the signature when data is received.