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Connecting VehiclesUpdated 9 days ago

Connect with a Hardware Device:

To deliver on the Progressive Decentralization plan for the project, Digital Infrastructure Inc. (the first company building on DIMO) is working with AutoPi, a distributed team of hardware engineers, and the DIMO Foundation to establish a process for funding, certifying, and integrating new hardware devices. 

DIMO will publish a certification process for new hardware devices as additional data markets are created, borrowing from and improving upon the model developed by Helium.

The reference design will be available to any 3rd party hardware device makers who wish to add additional features (like dash cams or other sensors) and/or produce their own devices capable of mining $DIMO by providing data. 

Existing open-source hardware options like Comma.AiCanServer, and others will be able to integrate with DIMO after a software or firmware update, and more secure versions of those devices can be produced over time.


Build a diverse ecosystem of hardware providers (OEMs), retail/distributors, and support channels which give users the best options for taking control of their mobility data, while ensuring support for future DIMO platform features like ADAS (automated driving) and video data collection.  

DIMO solves problems for both sides of the market. 

Hardware manufacturer problems: Standardized device management software & API; and distribution and supply chain support and finance 

User problems: Device certification; and performance tracking. 


DIMO also offers connectivity support for most drivers in supported regions who have a connected vehicle subscription. Support for Teslas is natively supported through a direct integration with the Tesla API. Support for other software connected vehicles is facilitated by Smartcar. Users may earn additional $DIMO for connecting via software and hardware simultaneously as shown here. This is not recommended for Tesla owners given the difficult placement of the OBD2 port. 

To connect vehicles using Hardware based device such as Macaron or AutoPi, follow this guide:



To connect vehicles using your OEM Software connection, follow this guide:.



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