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Connecting Vehicles

For more information on connecting vehicles via hardware or software, click here.

DIMO x AutoPI Device

For more information on the DIMO x AutoPi device, click here.

Bluetooth Issues

If you are stuck on the Bluetooth connection process, we recommend that you contact [email protected]

Wallet Issues

Having issues with your wallet? Click here for troubleshooting tips.

My Device Isn’t Updating My Data

Having issues with your device qualifying for rewards? Click here.

Bluetooth Pairing Guide

Having issues with pairing via bluetooth? Click here.

Why Is My Device In Pending?

To know why your device is in "Pending" click here.

High Severity Issues

These are issues which may affect the functionality of the vehicle, or may affect the vehicle's normal operation.

Hacked or Compromised Accounts

If your account was hacked and you need advice on what to do, click here.