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DIMO x AutoPI DeviceUpdated 10 months ago

The First DIMO-Compatible Hardware 

To purchase a device, check out  shop.dimo.zone

DIMO is seeding an independent hardware ecosystem by partnering with Autopi to produce a plug & play, fully integrated ARM-based open hardware product that can plug into any car made after 1988. This device will communicate with the vehicle message bus, called the CAN-BUS and extract signals information sent by the car, as well as sign it to provide authenticity to the data by signing it using the included Ethereum wallet. 

DIMO x AutoPi co-branded OBDII device and its key features

Users will be able to add this hardware to their vehicle as either a primary (and only) data collection option, or layer it onto existing API connectivity options provided by the OEM.

Anti-Spoofing & Secure Hardware Element:

To guarantee the security and authenticity of the device data being sent over the network, the data is signed by an Ethereum (or similar) wallet using secp256k1 ECDSA signing and verification. The data will be validated on receipt and checked against historical data from the device, and other meta-information contained in the payload. 

DIMO x AutoPi miners Leverage a secure element in the hardware used to collect the data directly from vehicles. The TEE environment provided by modern arm processors will be used to protect against spoofing and provide a future proof location for executing transactions on the device itself as the vehicle becomes a larger compute platform that can execute Solidity code locally on the device.

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