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My Device Isn’t Updating My DataUpdated 10 months ago

Try these steps to help troubleshoot your connectivity issues:

  • Check your App. Log in > Click the Rewards Button on the bottom menu, and check if the car is labeled Qualified
  • Check your Cables. Check to make sure the device is still connected. If you're using an extension cable check the connections on both sides
  • Power cycle your device. Unplug it and plug it back into the vehicle. This is often enough to fix the issue.  
  • Check AutoPi Lights. Next time you get in your car, check to make sure the Blue and Green lights both come on (they can take ~1-2mins to come on after the car starts)
  • Go for a Drive. After your next drive, check the vehicle qualification again.
If you still do not see your device as qualified in your DIMO mobile app, email [email protected] for assistance in getting your issue resolved. 

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