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Where can I find my car’s OBD2 port?

The OBD2 port is usually under the front console on the driver’s side of the vehicle, but there can be a lot of variation from car to car. Check out this link to identify where your OBD2 port is.

Can I use this with my another plug-in device?

Vehicles only come with one OBD2 port, but we have validated in the alpha fleet that OBD-II splitters like this model will work on all cars tested so far.

In the future, DIMO will work to build partnerships with insurance companies so that you can provide them with the data they would need to offer discounts (but no other data!).


The device seems to lose cell connectivity a lot (flashing green light)?

We use Twilio which should check most networks (other than Verizon). A few points of note:

  1. We continue to improve the ability of the device to connect and as the device updates, it should connect more rapidly.
  2. The device does save data when not connected to prevent data loss (still being connected all the time is ideal)
  3. Depending on where it is installed in your car, it can have more or less trouble connecting. If it's stowed far under the dashboard it will be a bit harder.
  4. We are soon going to be selling an antenna you can connect that will very much improve the connectivity.

If you are struggling to connect a device and would like to chat with someone from our support team, you can book a call with this link.

Device Management

Can I transfer my DIMO device from one car to another?

I installed and paired it but DID NOT mint the Vehicle ID:
If a user deletes the integration they may move the device to a different vehicle in their account.

I paired the device AND minted a Vehicle ID:
You will be able to move and re-pair the device but you will not be able to mint another Vehicle ID.


Will the device cause any issues for my car? Is it safe?

DIMO does compatibility testing with all vehicles we support. DIMO-approved 3rd party hardware devices are currently passive listeners only. This means that they cannot be used to control your vehicle.

Will it drain my car battery?

The device goes into a low-power sleep mode shortly after you stop driving, so you will not see any vampire battery drain from the device. If you experience any issues with your battery please email [email protected]

My carmaker sent me a notification about potential safety issues. What does this mean?

We have heard a few reports from users where after plugging in their device, they get a notification (usually email) from their automaker about something affecting connected services. Usually, these are non-specific (they detect some data anomaly) but sometimes they specifically call out OBD2 devices as being capable of interfering with safety and monitoring services.

  1. We and our partners have done extensive testing across thousands of vehicles and many years. We've found no indication that the device will ever disrupt any critical or non-critical functions on the vehicle.
  2. This is one of the things we want to fix. Your automaker is monitoring you...closely. We don't believe that users who want connected services should have to use them.
  3. This is one of the things we want to fix. Your automaker is monitoring you...closely. We don't believe that users who want connected services should have to use them.

We always want to hear from users with concerns and welcome feedback at [email protected]

Vehicle Data

How do you validate the data?

As a user, you will sign the data with your wallet and DIMO will validate the signature when data is received. Data is watermarked for third-party consumers.

How are you going to get CAN codes?

DIMO is an open-source supporter and contributor, building on projects like openDBC, CANserver, and CANBusHack to compile and maintain a library of CAN codes. Want to contribute? Click here.

Is it always connected?

The device is always connected. As mentioned above it only uses a tiny amount of power and won’t drain your battery at all.

Can I use it to turn my car on?

Turning your car on is not currently supported. It is possible to add this functionality for certain vehicles in the future.

Who is paying for the cellular costs?

DIMO is paying for the cellular costs of transmitting data from your vehicle for at least 12 months. The DIMO DAO will decide how ongoing costs will be handled after the initial 12-month period.

What happens if I’m driving in an area without cellular reception?

The data will be saved on the device until you return to an area with cellular connectivity.

How are OEMs responding?

My OEM emailed me saying that I might lose connected services on my vehicle!

OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are sending out emails to users letting them know that they may restrict access to services users have paid for because they do not like having anything plugged into the diagnostic port. This includes, but is not limited to, insurance plugs, diagnostic dongles, and of course, the DIMO device. They are threatening users with restrictive access and disabling services in their respective mobile apps. These are services that users are paying extra for.

Current Makes that send out these emails:

  • Subaru STARLINK
  • Onstar Mazda Connected services
  • Mercedes

What does BETA Support mean?
Beta support means that your vehicle may not have all of its data decoded. We are actively working on decoding more vehicles. So you may see limited data at that time. However, if you can still qualify for baseline rewards.

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