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Marketplace, Wallets & Rewards
Marketplace, Wallets & Rewards
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Limited Vehicle Data

For more info about the data coming from your vehicle, click here.

Why Do I See Very Little Or No Vehicle Data, Even After Driving?

For information on why you are seeing little or no vehicle data from your vehicle, click here.

DBC Codes

If you would like to help decode DBCs, click here.

Update Your Device

The device will update automatically when you end a drive. For more information click here.

How Can I Add A DIMO Miner After Connecting With SmartCar?

For instructions on how to add a DIMO miner after connecting with SmartCar, click here.

Reading Error Codes With AutoPi

For users who have a vehicle with Error Codes on the Dash, specifically the check engine light, click here.

How Do I Know I'm Having Connectivity Issues?

If you are having connectivity issues click here.

Data Miner

For more details about the DIMO data miner, click here.

Share Your Car With Someone

For information on how to share your car with someone, click here.

How To Set a Privacy Zone

For information on how to set privacy zones, click here.