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Limited Vehicle DataUpdated 8 days ago

How come I only see my battery voltage and nothing else on the app?

One downside to supporting thousands of vehicles on DIMO is that the experience of each vehicle can vary. Every car encodes data differently.

We are working to bring more data to each vehicle, this is a huge priority for the whole DIMO project, and we are working with professionals around the world to improve the user experience.

If you are still experiencing limited data after a few weeks of connection, then that means your car is in beta, meaning that we still need to decode more about the vehicle you are using. Please take note that all vehicles have a different decoding process, and we need to decode the brand, model, and year; so even if you have a vehicle model that is no longer in beta for the year 2017 the same model might be in beta for the year 2012 for example.

This is an ongoing effort for the DIMO network to bring the best experience to all users.

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