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How Do I Know I'm Having Connectivity Issues?Updated a month ago

  1. You have driven and the last update date does not reflect the date you last drove.
  2. You are seeing a 'needs to drive' message even after you have gone for a drive.
  3. The green light on your device is not going solid after a few minutes of booting, it just keeps blinking.
  4. You might be in an area that has poor cell coverage.

NOTE: Do not be alarmed if you are seeing a last updated date that looks wrong in your Vehicle Connections screen. This screen shows the date that you first connected. The text needs to be updated. Please see the screenshot for reference:

‘Last received data 5 months ago’ means first connected 5 months ago.

What steps can I take if I am having connectivity issues?

  • Make sure that the green light on your device is going solid, a blinking light will not let you connect.
  • Power cycle the device. Unplug it and plug it back into the vehicle. This is often enough to fix the issue. Afterward, make sure the green light goes solid, take a short drive through an area with good cell reception, and confirm if the last update date has changed.
  • With a pin, pop out the SIM card from your DIMO device and put it in your phone. See if the phone gets any cell reception. Then take the SIM card out of your phone and put it back into the DIMO device. See if the green light is now going solid and if the device is updating correctly. Remember to go for a short drive in an area with good cell reception.
  • Contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

If you are still having trouble, write to us again and let us know if you were able to connect via Wi-Fi so that we can take a look into your account.

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