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Why Do I See Very Little Or No Vehicle Data, Even After Driving?Updated 9 months ago

As of October 6, 2022, DIMO has over 400 unique models connected. Each vehicle encodes data differently, which means we have to work car by car to bring data to users.

Many cars that connect to DIMO won't see much data, for now. Even things as simple as fuel level and odometer may not work right away. On the other hand, some vehicles already have dozens of data points live, and we are still working to have the app show all the data that is available behind the scenes:

1. We're working on publishing public documentation that allows users to see what to expect with their vehicle.
2. We are working constantly to add more data for every vehicle.

We already have a wealth of "codes" to add that will create more data for all drivers, but the process of implementing, testing, and then shipping all these codes takes time. It may take months for certain cars to start to see more data, and for that, we appreciate your patience. You can read more about this challenge below.

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