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Is DIMO Just for New or Electric Vehicles?Updated 21 days ago


DIMO can be useful for any vehicle older than 2008 that provides data. You can think of a vehicle in DIMO as a single entity that can have multiple different streams of data attached to it from a number of different sources.

Modern cars typically produce more data and have additional sensors built in, so you may be able to provide more value to the DIMO network (and earn additional rewards) with these vehicles.

Our system is designed to work with almost any vehicle manufactured in the past 15 years (2008 or newer) that is registered in the USA and Canada . Additionally, we extend support to various vehicles across the EU and the UK, as long as they have 17-digit VINs. Only vehicles with OBD2 ports will be compatible with both AutoPi and Macaron devices.

For your reference, 2008 or newer Big Rig Trucks are also compatible. Furthermore, Teslas and Smartcar-connected vehicles are also supported. If you have a Smartcar-connected vehicle, please ensure to check compatibility with your VIN at https://connectyourcar.com/compatibility/.

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