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Returns, Shipping, & Warranty
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Transferring Assets
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What is $DIMO?

For information on what $DIMO is and why it is useful, click here.

Who Is Building This and Why?

For information about the builders, click here.

Our Social Links

For links to our blog, Discord, and GitHub updates repo, click here.

Is DIMO Just for New or Electric Vehicles?

No! DIMO can be useful for any vehicle that provides data. For more Information, click here.

What Cars Are Compatible With DIMO?

Almost any car manufactured in the past ten years (2008 or newer). For more information, click here.

Why Don’t Older Cars Work if They Have an OBD2 Port?

For information on why the DIMO device doesn't work with older cars, click here.

I Have Connected My Vehicle and I Am Not Seeing a Lot of Data?

For information on why you might not be seeing a lot of data coming from your vehicle, click here.

Add A Vehicle

For instructions on how to add a vehicle to your account, click here.

Connect to SmartCar

For instructions on how to connect your vehicle to SmartCar, click here.

Share Your Car With Someone

For information on how to share your car with someone, click here.

Who Is Paying for the Cell Costs

DIMO is paying for cellular costs of transmitting data from your vehicle for at least 12 months. The DIMO DAO will decide how ongoing costs will be handled after the initial 12 month period.

What Happens if I’m Driving in an Area Without Cellular Reception?

The data will be saved on the device until you return to an area with cellular connectivity.

Will It Drain My Car Battery?

The device goes into a low-power sleep mode shortly after you stop driving.

Supported Countries

DIMO is currently supported in the following countries:. North America. European Union (EU). Schengen Area. United Kingdom (UK). Non-EU. We will be adding more countries to the list in the future as we expand our business.

Moving Data Miners To Another Vehicle

For information on how to move your DIMO data miners to different vehicles, click here.

How To Transfer Your Device to a Different Account?

For a guide on how to transfer your device to another account, click here.

Delete an Integration

For information on how to delete an integration from your account, click here.